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Our Flight Over The Mysterious Lines

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Back again after a fantastic week in Cusco with Cassandra and John! It felt so great to once again have travel companions joining us on the other side of the world. What a riot! Before Cassandra and John arrived in Cusco Stacey and I made a pitstop in Nazca to take a flight over the very mysterious Nazca Lines. It was no small detour (15 hour night bus from Arequipa) but we both thought that it would be a must see. Like many other people I'm sure, the lines have always intrigued me and I have often wondered why they were made in the Peruvian desert.

We arrived in Nazca early in the morning (which is supposed to be the best time to fly) and quickly headed to the airport, found a company ($90 each) to fly us over the lines and then headed back into town to catch a few Zzzz before the flight (it was kind of hazy in the early morning so our flight was delayed 2-3 hours). After a hour nap we were picked back up at the hotel and driven back to the airport for our flight.


Realization quickly set in that we were flying in a small 6 seater prop plane... by far the smallest plane either of us had ever flown in! Hope they got barf bags!


Our pilots...


Take off!


Our first views of the area surrounding Nazca... was pretty lush at first.


But shortly after take off we flew over the near by desert and the view of the many lines started to take shape. The first shape we saw in our 30 minute flight was of a whale...


Pretty cool huh. The desert that contains the lines is immense and probably the most under rated thing about the lines is in fact just the regular lines and triangles. They're size completely dwarfs the other pictures. Hard to imagine people slaving away in that heat to make a bunch of pictures and things that they can't even see. Oh how they were made? By removing the top layer of red rock to expose a bottom layer of white rock. How they mapped out the pictures and shapes and why? Your guess is as good as mine.


By far the trippiest one of them all... the man/astronaut/alien... very creepy.


The whole flight is pretty calculated and fast so it consists of a lot of banking left and then right. The pilots obviously gotta make sure that each side of the aircraft gets to see each different line... this leads to almost everyone getting sick lol. No puking for us though... the other couple with us... not so lucky lol. Here's a pic of the flight path...


After the alien (that's what I think it is lol) was the monkey... one of the bigger ones.


...followed by the dog...


Then the hummingbird. Each of these gets pointed out to you by the co-pilot over the radio. These pictures were shot with a zoom lens so they look pretty big. It would have been hard to pick out a few of these shapes if it hadn't been for the co-pilot pointing them out. Your up there pretty high. And without a decent zoom lens your pictures would be pretty crappy and minuscule.


I believe this next one is of the condor.


And here's a view of the albatross. It was hard to get him in one shot because of his long neck. See how many other shapes and lines are scattered about! It's amazing...


Next up was the famous spider... because of the curved lines I would have to assume that this would have been a harder one to make.


Here's an example of a less popular image or at least one that I never knew about... hands.


'Hands' posed a lot of questions for me, like the obvious 'why does one hand have five fingers and the other four?' And 'what's with the weird thing/guy they're connected to?' Very odd...

Also another great underrated one was the tree...


And the last one of the flight was of a parrot... hard to see much resemblance there but if that's what the professionals say then it's a parrot lol...


Here are a few shots of a highway below running through the desert just to give you some added perspective.


Our dinky little wheel on our dinky little plane... I'm still amazed at how small the plane was and that it's size didn't even bother us. I thought it was a pretty smooth ride. Okay... by the end I was getting a little bit queazy lol.


Views heading back over Nazca...


After touching back down at the airport we headed back into town to purchase our bus tickets for the evening. YES!!! ANOTHER NIGHT BUS! MY FAVOURITE!! The reality of this one wasn't so bad... It was the last bus of our trip (the one in the Dominican doesn't count because it only 4 hours lol... that's our reality). But because it was a night bus we had to kill the day at our hotel.


Not a terrible looking place and good price too.... except for the fact that the lobby couch was covered in bed bugs lol. I know disgusting lol. Stacey was sitting on it using the computer and felt something crawling on her lol. Serenity now, serenity now... almost home lol. At least the bus didn't completely disappoint even though they promised meals and WIFI and of course it had neither... classic tourist flycatchers lying to you...


Sunset in Peru from the bus window...


And that's it for Nazca. Took a lot of busing to get there but looking back it was well worth it. We were both pretty happy that we got to see such an ancient mystery. And how could you forget that plane ride! All and all it was an incredibly unique experience and worth all the hassle to do it. Next up I'm gonna share with you our time in Cusco. And don't forget I got one big ticket sight left to share... Machu Picchu baby!!


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